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Pancho Catering is a bespoke catering business run and operated by friends and family. With more than 40 years experience between us, and the business being 9 years old, we are in an enviable position to offer a great product at great value.


We operate street food stalls including our daily offer in Warwick Market Square, Pancho Potatoes, do pop ups, offer in home catering, event catering, tapas banquets, and much more.


Get in touch if you’ve any questions. Hope you’re loving your day!

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Mike Deakin · 16 November 2017

Absolutely amazing 'You Cook' tapas. My girlfriend commissioned Pancho Catering to make nine tubs of fantastic food, that she could cook whilst we were at home. I've only just finished eating.

What I loved the most about this food is that Pancho doesn't mess about with portions. If you order chicken and chorizo, you get chicken and chorizo.. not chicken with a bit of chorizo. I'm definitely a foody and this filled me up to the brim. Will definitely be using Pancho Catering services again.